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Simpatra Hormone Replacement Therapy

Studies have shown that hormone therapy helps relieve symptoms and are safe.  Due to previous studies, many people have concerns about the link of estrogen to breast and uterine cancer.

Why Consider Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

Estrogen therapy does not increase risk of disease, including heart attack and breast cancer, when used with appropriate dose, timing and patients. This impression began in 1991 as the result of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), which was halted due to increased incidence of chronic disease among subjects. This study used the synthetic hormone, Prempro, and subjects of the study were an average age of 63 years. Meta-analyses following this study, including some as recent as November 2011, have shown that most of the subjects had pre-existing conditions that led to the development of disease during the study and that hormones actually reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases in women.

Everyone is unique and nothing will be recommended until your health profile and lab work is reviewed and you’ve had a consultation with a medical provider. If you already working with someone, great. We will work with your provider to achieve your optimum wellness.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is different than the hormones used in the prior studies.

How? First, BHRT uses natural hormones that are identical in molecular structure to those in your body versus the synthetic ones used in the studies. Second, we create a customized program based on your body’s specific needs as the result of testing multiple hormones. We feel that by taking a more natural and customized approach we will be able to effectively address your symptoms and get your body back to optimal performance leaving you feeling better.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is personalized for you. BHRT balances by determining the person’s unique hormone profile and giving you only what you need at the lowest doses and the shortest amount of time necessary to minimize any side effects. 

You will be monitored with follow-up testing and most importantly be communicating with us along the way. The interest in a more natural approach to hormone therapy has focused attention on bio-identical hormones hormones that are identical in molecular structure to those in the body. This is important because synthetic hormones are NOT natural to your body, for instance one common prescription hormone is made from urine of pregnant mares.

What are some alternatives to BHRT?

Some people still don’t feel comfortable with hormone therapy and if that is you, we still want to let you know that are other ways to help you.

After reviewing your results we can create a program with alternatives such as herbs, vitamins and minerals to help bring balance in your body. Most of all we want to discuss your results for you so that you know what is happening in your body and help you make an educated decision.

We certainly understand that BHRT may not be for you. This is only one component of your wellness program.

Our team will work with you on the many ways we can help you improve your quality of life.

Where do your medications and supplements come from?

We partner with a local compounding pharmacy, Eagle Pharmacy, in Eagle Grove, IA, that staffs pharmacists who are knowledgeable and experienced in compounding bio-identical hormones. Our hormone pellets come from sterile compounding pharmacies.

Simpatra® HRT: our hormone replacement pellets are comprised of the highest quality botanical ingredients, formulated to precisely match the hormones that naturally occur in the body, with no fillers or artificial ingredients.

Our supplements come from professional grade manufacturers operating under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and maintain a state of the art laboratory testing and quality control. We do not guarantee any results, especially if you choose to purchase products from a non-professional distributor.

“I Didn’t Realize How Bad I Felt Until I Started To Feel Good Again…”

“About a year ago I sought Melanie’s services for fatigue and low sex drive. I have a physically demanding job and was feeling much more tired than usual and ready to be “done” with my day by 2 pm. I was also noticing that I wasn’t really desiring sex like I used to, not even really thinking about it. After our initial consultation, I found out my testosterone levels were quite low. She advised lifestyle changes to increase my natural production of testosterone, increase my energy and improve my fatigue. I opted to use hormone replacement therapy in the form of pellets under my skin which I found easy and convenient. Within a month my energy and libido started returning, I started to notice my morning erections returning and my sex life with my wife improved a lot, which made us both happy! – 41 year old male

Take The First Step On Your

Journey Back To Health

Reach out to Our Staff, to see how working with PrimeLife can benefit you.

Take The First Step On Your

Journey Back To Health

Reach out to Our Staff, to see how working with PrimeLife can benefit you.
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