The Functional Medicine Approach To Nutritional Deficiency, IV Therapy

IV Nutritional Therapy

IV nutritional therapy is convenient and delivers important nutrients directly into your body for fast absorption. IV therapy is a fast and easy way to improve nutrient deficiencies, rehydrate, and energize your body.

Feeling “off” lately and having a hard time getting through your day?

Do you feel like you catch colds more easily than you used to or maybe you just feel a bit drained?

Do you wake up feeling tired even though you had eight hours of shut-eye?

Do you find it’s hard to get through your “to do” list without an afternoon coffee?

If so, it could be that you are lacking key nutrients, nutrients that give your body the proper fuel it needs for daily functioning so that you can feel energized and vibrant. Sadly, most people are sorely deficient in many nutrients, even people who think they are eating well.

Through soil erosion, poor immune function, gut imbalances, and even just daily stress, many key nutrients are typically missing or just simply drained from your body. Environmental toxins and toxins found in foods, beauty products, and even in your everyday household products used at home can also drain your body of essential nutrients quickly.

Why IV Therapy is So Powerful

Intravenous nutritional therapy is so powerful because it replaces key, missing nutrients directly into your blood stream.  As we age our immune systems can become overly taxed and struggle to defend the body from invaders as well as snap back after illnesses.  Along with high levels of toxins present in your daily environment,  it can be hard for your immune system to functional optimally. 

This is why so many people can become more vulnerable to illness, fatigue, and other symptoms not always associated with nutrient deficiency like brain fog, poor sleep, sore muscles and joints, and even dry skin.

Nutrients delivered through IV can quickly recharge the body’s immune system. Not only does this bolster your immune system to defend against toxins, but it also helps prevent future illnesses.

IV therapy can boost the health of your organs, improve your ability to hydrate, and relieve muscle aches and pain, ease constipation, and prevent kidney stones.

Supplements vs. IV Therapy

While oral supplementation and eating certain foods may help, it can take up to two days for your digestive system to properly digest foods. It may also be a challenge to consume sufficient quantities of certain foods to satisfy the deficiency. While standard oral supplementation can also help, IV therapy is superior because you can begin to feel the positive effects almost instantly. 

Certain medical issues and some medications can also block oral supplementation while IV therapy is absorbed quickly and more effortlessly by your body. In fact, within several hours, you can start to feel energized and feel the effects of the IV nutrients right after your session.

What to Expect with IV therapy

Most IV infusions take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour and you can relax, read, or and just have some “me” time during your therapy. Depending on the therapy you choose, higher dose therapies like Vitamin C or amino acids, can take slightly longer.

IV therapy is not painful; it is just a prick from a fine needle stick similar to a blood draw experience to insert the IV initially. You should plan on wearing comfortable clothing, if possible, but it’s not essential.

Plan to eat your regularly scheduled meal approximately 1 to 3 hours before having your therapy to stabilize your blood sugar, as some infusions my affect blood sugar. If you are diabetic, monitor your insulin dosage and bring snacks with you to your appointment. Hydrate well with water the day before and 1 to 3 hours before your therapy.

During your therapy, you may feel sensations of relaxation, increase in energy, and later notice a reduction in allergies or cold symptoms.

After your therapy, you can expect more energy, feeling refreshed and improved sleep for the next few days.

IV Nutritional Cocktail Offerings and Customized IVs

Myers’ Cocktail
Myers’ Cocktail is a formula of intravenous vitamins and minerals created by Dr. John Myers, MD. The “Cocktail” includes nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, B-vitamins (including B12), and Vitamin C and is given by a slow IV push for maximum absorption.

Immune Boost
Boost immunity with a collection of nutrients such as Vitamin C and B Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B-12) as well as other immune-fortifying nutrients to give your immune system a helping hand.

Plenish IV
Plenish IV is unique to our practice and is an essential IV that replenishes nutrients used to support energy production and wellness. It works great in combination with Vitamin C and glutathione as a foundation for nutritional health.

Health and Wellness
Our Health and Wellness IV gives you key vitamins and minerals to help you reboot when you feel like you’re “running on empty.” This is a great IV for your first-time experience.

Recovery and Hydration
Great for post-workout recovery for athletes and for the weekend warrior too!  You may also benefit from this IV if you’ve recently just recovered from an illness to help your system refortify. Also ideal for the person on-the-go.

Migraine Relief
Suffering from regular migraines? Then our migraine relief IV is ideal for you, containing nutrients that can soothe tension and also help with muscle aches and pain.

Healthy Hydrate
Our Healthy Hydrate IV fights dehydration and gives you a boost of electrolytes to help you to recalibrate quickly. Ideal for athletes or to recoup after spending time in warm weather.

Injectables/IV Add-ons
Methyl B-12
Amino Acid
Vitamin D
Vitamin C 5000 mg

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