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Digestive Disorders

Have you been struggling with your digestion? Having regular digestive problems is not just a “sensitive stomach”.  No matter what you’ve been told, regularly having an upset stomach isn’t normal. These may be signs of serious gut health issues that can impact your entire body.

Are you dealing with constant bloating?

Have you been struggling with GI issues for many years and haven’t been able to get a straight answer why you feel this way?

Perhaps people have convinced you that you “just have a sensitive stomach” but secretly you know something is wrong.

When regular belly aches become your “new normal” — no matter what you’ve been told, it’s anything but normal! It’s a  serious sign of a gut imbalance that can have far reaching consequences. Don’t just pop more antacids, seek out care to avoid compromising your health long-term.

Sadly many GI imbalances and even serious conditions can go ignore. Some examples of digestive issues that go undiagnosed that need medical attention include Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Disease, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Pathogens and Parasites growing in the gut, and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

Symptoms of these conditions along with many other issues can also include constipation, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, acid reflux, anxiety and neurological issues, new food allergies, and skin issues.

At PrimeLife, our medical team is expertly trained to discuss the symptoms and causes of your digestive health problems and diagnose an effective treatment plan. 

These issues can be caused by nutritional issues, an undiagnosed food allergy, increased stress, a gluten allergy, inflammation, or even a stealth infection.

Taking gut issues seriously can mean vibrant health for a lifetime. The gut has many crucial roles in protecting the overall health and wellness of our bodies, starting with the intake and absorption of nutrients and water.

Few people realize that gut health isn’t just about having proper digestion and nutritional uptake. Gut health plays a huge role in the health of your immune system, hormone balance and even your brain.

Recent medical breakthroughs have shown that the balance of friendly gut microbes that live in your digestive systems rule the entire health of your body in fact.

The good gut “bugs” are your first defense against harmful viruses and bacteria. They also safe-guard proper communication from your brain to body not only for proper digestion but also to regulate mood and manage stress levels.

Since the gut impacts our health on so many levels, it’s one of the key places we focus on when we explore a patient’s case – determining whether they have leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, or any number of issues.

The functional medicine approach to healing the gut is relying on advanced lab testing, followed by creating a custom-tailored, personalized protocol to restore your body’s innate healing potential so we can bring your body back into balance.  If you have been experiencing symptoms that may be connected with digestive problems and are looking for answers, schedule an appointment with PrimeLife today!

Take The First Step On Your

Journey Back To Health

Reach out to Our Staff, to see how working with PrimeLife can benefit you.

Take The First Step On Your

Journey Back To Health

Reach out to Our Staff, to see how working with PrimeLife can benefit you.
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