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Genomic Testing

4:10 DNA-Language of Life. Genomic Storyboarding-Each client has a health concern affected by a set of genes

5:34 Difference between Genetics (your genes) and Genomics (how your genes interact with the environment) and how they have a massive impact on how you function

7:00 Difference between Recreational Home Gene testing and Professional Genomic Testing including gene deletions

6 major pathways tested by YouTrients

  1. Executive Function-How your brain takes information and analyzes it based on what’s happening and how you tend respond emotionally
  2. Cardiovascular Function
  3. Methylation-Response to Inflammation
  4. Detoxification-The ability of your body to produce glutathione which allows the body to shuttle toxins out of the body
  5. Hormonal Profile-How does your body produce the androgens and estrogens
  6. Diet Metabolism-Find the diet that’s right for you based on your genetic makeup. You’ll find out how your genes affect your ability to process vitamins, fats, carbohydrates andproteins to make energy and to gain or lose weight. Think Keto vs. Paleo vs Mediterranean, for example. “Genes don’t “travel” as fast as people do.”

12:00 Making and Using Vitamin D and sun exposure

15:47 Melanie’s Executive Function and neurotransmitter response-Genes influence your body’s ability to interact with your neurotransmitters (Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Serotonin) and explains how people experience pleasure and why some people experience reward seeking behavior.

22:00 How your body responds to stress and filtering external stimuli based on their urgency and how this is affected by a gene deletion (min 25:00) in their serotonin transport

30:00 Cardiovascular Function and Inflammation

35:00 Methylation-generally how the body deals with inflammation (explains brain fog, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, neuropathy, for example). Explains the importance of the FORM of vitamin you are taking.

37:18 Do you need 5-MTHFR? If you give these individuals a pre-methylated form of B vitamins and they don’t need it, they are actually at higher risk.

40:00 Explains why the same vitamins don’t work for everybody

41:30 Diet Metabolism-3 factors: Satiety (abilty to feel full) vs satisfaction with eating and the relationship with obesity Which diet is best for you Vitamin Transport in the Body-How to take your vitamins and when to take them

47:44 Detoxification-Your body’s ability to process toxins is heavily dependent on genes.

51:02 Hormones-Esp for Females, the ability to clear out estrogens and the link between breast cancer and the difficulty clearing out estrogen metabolites and the importance of the detoxification cycle. Explanation of Estrogen Dominance and the relationship to endometriosis, etc, and the importance of knowing your genomic status when doing Hormone Replacement Therapy.

1:00:00 Natural Ingredients that are available to modulate hormone response

1:02:00 Importance of Lifestyle Modification to reduce health risks

1:03:00 Impact of Pharmaceuticals and the impact of current neutraceutical dosing (pixie-dusting vs hyperdosing of vitamins)

Big Thanks to Harris Khan of YouTrients for staying up late to go over my results and sharing his knowledge with us.

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